At silver catering we tailor each service we offer to our client’s exact requirements including private chef hire. All our chefs are handpicked and screened personally by the owner, frederick, because we want to ensure that we deliver only the best experience to our clients when they hire a personal chef. What’s more, with frederick being a professional chef himself, having worked over 25 years in Michelin Star environments, he has very high expectations to ensure that every private chef who works for silver catering Compliments is guaranteed to produce outstanding dishes for those that choose to hire a personal chef from us.

If you enquire about our private chef hire services, we will choose a chef that will offer a bespoke service to you that will be tailored to your specific requirements. At silver catering, we can provide private chef hire services for an entire day; cooking you breakfast, lunch and dinner with the dishes of your choice. Alternatively, if you just want to hire a personal chef for a one-off event, we can help you with this too. Whatever your specific needs and desires are, we can meet these whether you need a chef on an ongoing basis, for the short term or just for one event.



Booking your private chef hire is easy with silver catering  we’ve broken the process down, below:

  • Get in touch with us via email or by phone with details of what you’re looking for, including the event type.
  • If you just require a chef for a certain number of hours or days and you have arranged all food and equipment, we can give you a quote for the chefs’ time for the period you need them for.
  • If your private chef hire enquiry isn’t as simple as that, we will send you a consultation form which will give you the chance to give us all details such as timings, dates and location along with details of what the chef will need to prepare and what equipment will be available for them.
  • If you are unsure on what you would like to eat, you will liaise with our team and we will be able to create a bespoke menu based on what you really love and stay away from what you don’t like. We will also take any dietary requirements into consideration, ensuring everyone has an enjoyable meal.
  • Once a menu is confirmed, we will be able to give you a final quote for the chef’s time and all high end ingredients required for your event.
  • We will send you an invoice and upon payment your private chef hire booking will be confirmed.

When you hire a personal chef, we will make the process straightforward and as carefree for you as possible, which is why before your event we gather as much information from you as possible, so we can fully brief the team and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about on the day! This allows you to enjoy the event and not have to worry about the most stressful part of the event; the food! Not only that, but the chef will also clear down once they’ve finished serving your meal and leave everything exactly as they found it, so you don’t have to lift a finger!



Our chefs always go down a storm with our clients and you can read some of their testimonials to hear about the great experiences they’ve had.

We don’t only offer amazing private chef hire, but we also have other talent on our books. You can even make your event that bit extra special by also hiring a waiter, butler or mixologist with us. By doing so, you can make your dinner party, or event, one that will be spoken about for months to come, and in a good way!

For all your private chef hire needs, whatever they may be, contact us today. We would love to hear from you and deliver the outstanding silver catering experience to you when you hire a personal chef.