Your house, the best restaurant

Brisbane offers one of the country’s best dining selections. Our question is: why not bring that experience home and enjoy a culinary experience that is built entirely around you and your preferences, Silver catering of course available in surrounding areas of the city.

Everything will be perfect thanks to our Personal Chef

We want to create the perfect experience for you, all of our chefs have a decade of experience behind them and have been trained in the best cooking schools in the country. We have a variety of chef profiles,

Enjoy a unique culinary experience at home with a Private Chef

Let a Private Chef transform your home into one of Brisbane top restaurants. Whatever the occasion, be it a romantic dinner, family lunch or brunch with friends. All you have to do is tell us what you’re craving and our chefs will send you menu proposals designed around your tastes. Choose your favourite one and on the day of the service your chef will head to their preferred local markets to pick up the freshest, tastiest produce. They will then come to your home, to prepare the food directly in your kitchen. And to make sure you can really sit back and enjoy the experience, they will provide table service and make sure to clean up thoroughly before leaving.